This is a preferred service for the discerning client who wishes to have an experienced partner acting as the sole point of contact for matters relating to the exterior of their estate – from garden spaces to hardscapes and beyond. wfd will manage the contractors and all of the ‘moving parts’ of a project to ensure that all aspects are performed flawlessly.


As horticulturalists, we are focused on providing garden maintenance on sophisticated gardens that uses proper horticultural practices with a spotlight on both plant health and care. Your current plant inventory is the foundation for our extensive work caring for and enhancing your gardens. This service is customized to meet the needs of your property and garden space, and to meet your level of expectations regarding your outdoor spaces.


We are trained and experienced in both structural and non-structural post-construction BMP plant management. wfd’s horticultural specialists have the knowledge and skill set to help the “green” technologies portion of these systems perform as intended. We focus on the connection between the vegetation and soil in these BMPs and the environment, in order to best manage stormwater at it source. If you are maintaining your own BMP system, we can consult with you on your plant selections so that your facility staff can implement the changes necessary to best manage your system and also protect your real estate investment.


If sustainable living is of interest to you, we know what to do. wfd has the knowledge to give your garden’s plant palette a sustainable focus through our clear understanding of water and energy conservation and waste reduction, as well as the ecological impact of certain plants and chemicals on our environment.