wallflowerdesign was established based on the artistic eye and creative flair of our founders, Victoria Hatfield and Sue Ortinau. In 2008 they founded wfd as a passion project that involved creating inspiring spaces both inside and outside of homes in the St. Louis area. The company has grown into a successful business with horticultural practices and relationship building at its core – where thoughtful landscape design ideas are translated into solutions that impact how our clients live, work, and play each day.

We are proud to be a women-owned, locally owned and operated business. And we are even prouder of our dedicated team of trained horticulturalists, project managers, and team members who bring a breadth of experience to the table and who work hard to showcase their passion for plants, design, and most of all, beautiful spaces.


wallflowerdesign is a horticultural services + garden design firm with a core focus on the craft of gardening. We are dedicated to incorporating proper horticultural practices into all aspects of our business – whether working on a design or focusing our efforts on garden management and maintenance for our discerning clientele. Our end goal is to improve our clients’ outdoor space and to provide solutions that are aesthetically stunning with exceptional purpose. We are creating a symbiotic relationship between art + craft + science.